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By clicking the "Register" button in the registration form, you automatically agree to comply with all the rules set out here and agree not to violate them during the entire period of cooperation with our company. If you do not agree with any point of this Agreement, immediately leave the resource.

The rules that You can read below are created to optimize the work between My Finance World LTD (the "Company").) and a citizen or resident of any country (the "Client").). They set out all the nuances of regulating work processes.

Immediately note that an individual who has reached the age of majority can become an investor. The presented rules are legally fixed and guarantee a reliable transaction, protected by law.


Attention! These rules must be read by every investor before registration!

0 1 Fundamentals
  • 1.1.

    Any individual who has reached the age of 18 and has registered on The company's official website (the "Site").) becomes a Client of the Company and is one of The parties to the cooperation process regulated by these Rules.

  • 1.2.

    Disclaimer. The company cannot be held liable for any consequences related to the client's investment activities. The company is not an insurance guarantor of the services and/or actions provided.

  • 1.3.

    the client confirms that it voluntarily makes investments using funds that are personally owned by the Client and cannot make claims to the Company in cases where the interaction process did not achieve the expected effect during the entire investment period.

  • 1.4.

    At any time, without prior approval from the Client, as well as pre-notifying the Client, the company reserves the right to amend these Rules, taking into account the primacy of the interests of the majority or the interest of the Company.

0 2 Rights and obligations of the Parties
  • 2.1.

    the Company is obliged to provide the Client with a correct and uninterrupted Website, as well as provide information and consulting services in terms of online investment.

  • 2.2.

    the Company is obliged to keep the personal data provided by the Client in a confidential environment and under no circumstances should it transmit this data to third parties.

  • 2.3.

    the Company undertakes to provide and constantly update, if necessary, the most up-to-date technological solutions that ensure the safe use of the Site, as well as the transfer and exchange of information through the Site.

  • 2.4.

    the Company guarantees stable accrual of interest on its investment offers submitted for consideration by the Client.

  • 2.5.

    the Client undertakes to store his / her authorization data securely and not to transfer it to third parties.

  • 2.6.

    the Client undertakes not to use SPAM technologies, and also guarantees not to use other malicious or spyware programs of any kind.

  • 2.7.

    the Client undertakes to show loyalty to the Company, guided by strictly balanced and objective decisions. All disputes that may arise between the Client and the Company are resolved exclusively through negotiations using the methods and means of interactive communication available at the time of such disputes.

  • 2.8.

    the Client undertakes to provide the Company with only correct and up-to-date personal data, including information about payment details.

  • 2.9.

    the Company has the right to take into trust management investment funds voluntarily provided by the Client for these purposes in the form of deposits formed and activated using the software tools of the company's Website and the nominal value of which the Client determines independently.

  • 2.10.

    the Client has the right to use all the functions of the Site, make investments, make profit, receive profit in the form of partner remuneration, and use the opportunities of the Leadership Program.

  • 2.11.

    the Parties undertake not to disclose the details of their cooperation to third parties under any circumstances, considering their cooperation as a private transaction.

0 3 responsibility of parties
  • 3.1.

    the Company cannot be held liable for failures in the operation of the Site if they were caused by force majeure or circumstances that are not under the control of the Company.

  • 3.2.

    the Company is not responsible for the accuracy or correctness of the Customer's perception of the information (content) provided on the Site. All information posted on the Site is a recommendation and reference and is not subject to consideration as a call for any action.

  • 3.3.

    the Company is not a Respondent if the Client incorrectly specified their payment details when registering on the Site. Or if the Customer has made incorrect changes to their own payment details using the appropriate personal account options.

  • 3.4.

    the Company is not liable for losses or other inconveniences related to failures in the operation of electronic payment systems used by the Client for conducting the investment process or for withdrawing funds.

  • 3.5.

    the Company is not responsible for any losses that the Client may incur as a result of using the Site.

0 4 Final provision
  • 4.1.

    the Client confirms that it is aware that the investment does not imply absolutely identical results in different time periods.

  • 4.2.

    the Company has the right to stop the operation of the Site in the event of force majeure occurring both on the Territory of the company's location and on the territory of the Client's location.

  • 4.3.

    all changes, additions or corrections to these Rules come into force from the moment they are actually made to these Rules automatically.

  • 4.4.

    All pages of the Site are related to these Rules in the same way as any point or paragraph of these Rules in the part regulating the interaction of the Parties or the investment process.

  • 4.5.

    contact details of the administration: [email protected]